Splashing With Pipkins

Despite the torrential we made our way our to Sandy to meet up with Kelly and the boys at a radical splash pad!
We hesitated to get out because it was still raining, but the kids were in their suits and ready to go. So like good mothers, we let them go!

The place was so cool!

Sloan, little cutie in the water.
He looked so much like Cameron. 

Mirah Was quite happy. 

Oh my goodness these kids! 

Mirah is such a booger. She loves to dump water onto everyone else. 
Lucas was BUMMED. 

The kids got a little cold. 
But no worries mom was there to get them all warm. 

Then there is Lucas who just expects me to pick him up while he is soaking wet, and then there is me who just does it, because even soaking wet cuddles are the best. 
All warmed up they were back int he water. 

Getting cold again.
But still wanting to get into the water. 
While everyone got warm and dry Lucas was still go go going. 

Well everyone wanted to keep this party going, so we got the kids dressed and went to Chic-fil-a. 
I bought some cookies and the kids enjoyed them. 
Especially Reese. 
It was great, but the kids found a punch of glitter glue pens in the play area and that was the end of that. Looking forward to more play time together. 

The Eclipse

The sun was coming up in the sky. 

We found ourselves in the middle of the park on the field. 

As good a place as any to watch the big event. 

Once we were set up, we decided to practice with our glasses. 
What a cutie. 

The first and LAST time Lucas willingly put on his glasses on. He didn’t really understand what we were doing here. 

Mom, these glasses are broken. 

Then off they went. 
I sat covered in a blanket and my hat, trying to hide from the sun. 

We had so many snacks, and drinks and treats. That didn’t stop Lucas from trying to get cookies from the family next to us. 
They were close, so we relaxed and kept an eye on him. 

Getting ready, talking all about it.

I needed get out of the sun for a minute, and Mirah came with me. 
She asked if it was almost time, I think she was getting impatient. We all were! 

The time had come, and the first little nibble had been taken out of the sun. 
We were so excited! 

Well I was excited, and so was Karl.

Mirah was excited, but she didn’t really get it. 
The process of the sun disappearing behind the moon was a slow one.  
But fun. It was more fun to take little breaks. Leave for a few minutes, then come back and see the progress that had been made. 

I tried taking a picture through my glasses. 
And so the next hour went. We would run around, take a break and watch, then run around some more. 

Taking pictures of it was impossible with our cameras. 

Even so, I was loving it. 
A fun reaction video. 

Another attempt through my glasses, I got the crescent sun. 🙂

And it was time to find the crescent sun shadows! 

The sun was getting smaller and smaller. And we were getting more and more excited. 
 Lucas was still not into it. 
More reactions. 

I took a few panos here you can see the shadow of the moon growing, and half of the sky was getting darker and darker. 
It was getting darker. 

And then suddenly it was shadow band time! 

We didn’t pick up the shadow bands on our camera, but we saw them. It looked like the canopy was somehow rippling in the wind. But as you can see, no ripples. It was incredible. 
Karl got a longer better video. 

The picture I got:
But it wasn’t good enough. 
So I found this one online. it was kind of how it looked for me. About that size, with a BRIGHT yellow white ring of light. You could see the light bursting and moving, and it was just amazing. I was exhilarated and  happy and excited. 
Our 360 degree view of our 360 degree sunset. 

Karl and the eclipse. 
Here is an awesome shot taken of event in Idaho by other people with better cameras. 

Stars came out! 
The phases of the eclipse. 

As soon as it was over, we got into the car and left. And there we spent the next 6 and a half hours. In the car, mostly in traffic. 

We heard all kinds of promises about no big trucks allowed on the freeway, no road work, and they were going to open both sides of the freeway for southbound traffic. 
All Lies. 
The day in the car went okay. 
And sometimes there was suddenly no traffic. 
Then we got into Utah, and it was traffic all over the place until we got home.
Ahhhhhh, to be home. We gave the kids a bath, and all of us were in bed by 8.
Best day ever. SO glad we went. 

The Morning of the Eclipse

We were out of the house by 2:30. AM.
The traffic wasn’t bad at all. We got to Rexburg by about 4:45 AM.
Here we are parked at a new McDonald’s right off Highway 20, and the first exit to Rexburg. 
There was a line out the door, and the parking lot was super full.
We weren’t planning on being in Rexburg for the day, but this totally set it we were going to be out in Menan, a small city outside of Rexburg. It was still in the middle of totality with a 2 minute 17 second total eclipse time.

We found a city park by 5:00 AM. 

Mirah and I pulled out the Zero Gravity chairs and our sleeping bags. 
Lucas and Karl snuggled up in the hammock. 
It was cold, but my sleeping back was nice and warm!

The boys were still nice and comfy as it got light. 

We were all so tired, none of us had any problem falling asleep.
Around 8:00 AM other people at the park started getting up, and people started to use the tennis court and that was it. With every, “pop” “pop” of the tennis ball we were all more and more awake. 
Lucas had a nice sleep with his dad. 

I was so warm, and the morning air was so cool, I just couldn’t get out of my sleeping bag. 

Even though we got some sleep into car and park, we were still all a little sleep deprived and emo.
Lucas was HANGERY. 
His mood improved when he got some breakfast. 
Mirah got dressed in the car. She picked this special outfit just for the special day. 

We had a bunch of food. with us. So we made breakfast ham and salami sandwiches. With bananas and apples. 

Oh, and gold fish of course for Lucas. 
Sigh. Once that was over, we got ready to get set up in the park. 

Getting Ready for the Eclipse

The night before the Eclipse we were so tired but both Karl and I were so anxious, we stayed up getting educated and ready.

I felt like Neil deGrasse Tyson:

10 Things we learned.


Neither one of us was able to fall asleep until after midnight. 

Getting to Idaho, to See the Eclipse

We left on Sunday to get to Logan. We were so worried about being in traffic.

 So we got on the road. The plan was to get to Logan for dinner on Sunday night, then to get up early on Monday morning to make sure that we could get within the band of totality. And as close to the center of the band as we could get so we would have the longest time possible.

 The kids were all set for a couple of days in the car:
Lucas had his doggie and a whole bag of gold fish crackers. 

Mirah had princess gold fishes, and her journal. Super set. 
Ready and happy! 
The traffic wasn’t terrible on the way up. A little extra heavy for a Sunday, but no stops. 
We got to Grandma and Grandpa’s house just as they were getting out of church.
The kids got right to work playing with the toys.
And Lucas found his favorite dog toy. 
Grandma laughed that she has had that toy forever. Karl said he remembered playing with it when he was a little boy. 
Soon enough we headed over to Aunt Shirlene’s house. 
It was Sunday, so everyone quickly fell asleep. 
When we woke up, Aunt Shirlene had made dinner. There was ham, and potato casserole, and ceasar salad, and dinner rolls with three different types of freezer jam, and asparugus. We were even treated to a sour dough crepe treat. 
They always spoil us. 
After dinner the kids and Karl hung out on the hammock. 
Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner. They were concerned that we would drive into the eye of the storm. But they wished us luck. 

The kids loved Aunt Shirlene’s house, and although we were only only children there, there were so many fun toys that the kids had no end of fun.  

It was bed time and we read a story. 
And put the kids to bed. 

Demolition Derby

After a nice chill day, it was fun to get out and do something with a crazy crowd!
We went down for round three of the Spanish Fork Demolition Derby.

I had papusas for dinner.

While we waited our turn we sat and gave the kid tips for college. Like, always wear shower sandals  in the dorms, or make sure to apply to a safety school.

They were really beany, and they didn’t have enough cheese and slaw. But ok. 

Karl got an Elote. 

He loved it. 
I mean really loved it. 

The derby began and the Utah Valley Dairy court greeted us. 🙂
Then it was time for the pledge. 
So regal. 

I ran and got some kettle corn and look who I found!

The Whitmores. Cameron and Kelly were meant to come with us. But they canceled last minute and so we took these babies!! 

The derby finaly started!! 

Not once, or twice but THREE times in the derby one car pinned another underneath it. 

It was flipped over by a bunch of firemen:
IT was really loud at there:

It was all fun and games, except there was a little boy in front of me that looked just like LUCAS! It made me miss my boy. 
The final heat:

Saturday Errands

It was nice to be together again. 
It was even nicer to just have a relaxed normal day. 

Mirah is getting so excited about her new school cloths so I let her wear this one today.
I tried to take a quick pic of her. 
But sweet Lucas didn’t understand what was going on. 

She looked so cute in this little number. I suggested the dress, she did the rest. 

Now that we were out of the house, we did our first errand. 
Picking up the main part of my Halloween costume. 

We went out to breakfast.
Then Mirah and I went out shopping while dad and Lucas stayed at home. I had gotten this email:

So we hurried down to the mall to grab the one she wanted! 
We grabbed these pants for mom. 

We did some window shopping for Karl. 

We put Mirah’s new button on her new back pack. 
Just as a reminder:
An amazing cute unicorn button she made at the library. 
She wanted to put on her first day of school outfit:
And model it for her dad. 
He was so excited, he fell asleep:
A nice chill satruday. 

Poop Boy

So when Mirah was about 15 months old, she started doing this thing where she would poop while napping and make a disgusting mess out of it. 

It continued until she was three. 

Now, at just over 2 years old…Lucas’s poop train has begun.
The first time wasn’t so bad. I found him jumping half naked with some poop on the walls and the sheets. 
Then it began to get worse and worse. 
Until finally the other day it escalated to this mess:
He took his diaper off, pooped out the side of his bed. Then tried to clean himself up with the outside of his diaper. This was only half of the worst of it. He stuffed his nasty diaper down the other end of his bed between the bars and the mattress. THEN his wiped the poop everywhere. On the walls, on the sheets on the pillow, he took the pillow case off and got it on the pill itself. THEN he grabbed all of the clean blankets out of the blanket box that sits next to the bed, and got poop on all of them. 
This is not to mention what he looked like:

No amount of scolding, and lecturing had any effect on this little booger. 
He was completely happy. 

The worst part? After all of that he didn’t even go back to sleep. 
Mo babies, mo problems. 

Batholowmew Lake

Friday morning dawned bright and happy. Karl was home and everyone was a little more settled. We had planned a playdate with Devanie at Bartholomew Lake Park.

It was supposed to be some kind of beach situation. It was on the water’s edge, but there was not really any sand. It was dirt.

And mud.

The kids didn’t seem to mind. 
After some snacks the kids got right in! 

We were all set for a day on the beach.

Even though we are still in the hot days of summer, the water was SO cold. 

My little chilly guy was not super into the cold cold water. 

He mostly stayed on the shore and played in the sand. He kept taking toys from the families near us, luckily they didn’t seem to mind.  Most of the toys you see here were mine, but of course he wanted the inner tube, which was not ours. 
Mirah was loving being out in nature. She spotted birds in the air.
And fish in the water. 
(You can see the kid in the water in front of her. He was there with some friends in their little boats fishing.) 
Whoa, she made it. 

I made him keep his floaties on just in case he got away from me. 
Like here when he ran towards the parking lot with one of our neighbors dump trucks. 
After being there about an hour, Devanie, Afton, and Dane arrived! 
Once they arrived, they got right down to some serious playing. 

And Lucas joined the group. 

Until he got a stray fishing hook, complete with worm, stuck in his foot! 
Some of Devs sisters in law arrived and the party got even bigger. Lucas became best friends with Julie, who had brought chips- which Lucas LOVED. 
Even with the food the kids spent most of their time out in the water. 

Mirah and Afton made mud pies. 

The mom’s sat and gabbed about this and that. 

The kids were just happy to be playing. 

The kids got hungry, and they knew who would have the food, the moms. 
Little perfect Dane. 
Eating some watermelon. 
Lucas got some too! 
Then Mirah came begging. 


My perfect baby boy. 

My blondie muddy buddies. 
Making chocolate milk. 

Dane and his cousin. 

The kids were all loosing it, and we had been out in the sun and water for hours so we happily went home. Tired and tanned.