Delicious Lucas

So Lucas is still the cutest boy ever. One super cute thing that is happening right now with him is “Delicious.”
When Lucas eats something that he really likes, he calls it delicious. In fact, he has no other describers for food but delicious. I can’t say when it started.But I can say, I NEVER want it to end.
The other night at dinner we were eating steak sandwiches and her kept taking bits and saying, “mmm, delicious.”I tried to record him doing it, but as soon as the camera came out, he clammed up. He does say it a couple of times towards the end of this 52 second video:

Art Stroll Downtown Provo

As a group of friends/family we went with the Whitmore’s on the First Friday Art Stroll in Provo.
We grabbed dinner at 2 Jack’s Pizza. 
Then dessert of cronuts at the French bakery 
Music was playing and we all got red balloons 
An “IT’ Themed haunted house would be opening soon…

These two serious buddies found an important sign:

Krysta starting to break. 
“Best Friends with Harambe” 
Of this fame:
Related image

Oh to be this lovely and innocent and have no idea about Harambe.
But seriously these kids. These kids. 

So perfect.

Piano Lessons Begin

I started piano lessons when I was 8, but I remember wanting to start before then. So, when Mirah was excited about starting, and someone in our ward was giving lessons, I was so excited to get her started.

He first lesson went super well. She has a hard time focusing often, but she loved it, and her teacher said she will keep working with her. 

He first weeks assignment was to learn the names of the keys. We spent all week learning their names and labeling the keyboard! 

She was doing great. We are both really excited about it.

We will see how it goes. 

Package Surprise

Sweet Aunt Maryn. 
She thought it would be great to send Mirah a package for he first week in school. 
Mirah was STOKED. 
Mirah got a new dolly! Frida! 
He LOVES her. 

But the gifts didn’t end there. 
Mirah got a new coloring book. 
A new banner for her room. 
A box of coloring pencils, and another radical book about a little girl who wanted to be a Luchadore. 
Thank you sweet Maryn, so all of your love thoughtfulness. Mirah was so happy, and we both feel you love. We are so lucky to have to have such a wonderful sister and aunt. 

Lucas Lately

With Mirah in school I am doing my best to get back to some good one on one time with Lucas.
We went to the library this week and found some books just for him:
Pretty cool.

Lucas is becoming a star eater. 
He is doing great at eating burgers, sandwiches and tacos. Big bites, with all the toppings, like a grown up. 

He is starting to like to dress up. 
And wear hats. 

We got crowns at burger king the other night. 

He LOVES to sit and do things with Mirah. Like he loves it. He will sit and do almost anything if Mirah is doing it too. He loves her SO much. 
Shoot, can you blame him?

He LOVES to read. I loves bed time. He will sit and read with you for as long as you are willing. 

My boy in boots. He has two pair of boots that he loves to wear and put on himself. He loves to run around the yard, through the mud, and in puddles as often as he is able. 

He is snuggling more these days. 
Some afternoons he will climb into bed with me and watch our new favorite shoe together:
Good Eats. 

A final little update:
I am attempting to do more floor time with Lucas. SO while Mirah is at school, I try to make sure to carve out some time to be on the floor just him and me and play.
This day, we played with some car stickers. 
He seems more settled these days. I think that Mirah going back to school has been really good for him. Love this boy. 

Back to School Night

Can you believe it?
My first PTA meeting, at my first Back to school night. 

Woah. That is a pretty big budget.

I was pretty impressed with their organization and attempt at transparency.

After all of that, our Principal came up and explained about the new school houses.

All the houses and their mascots.

It makes me happy to know she is at a school who is invested in organization, and cool organizations.

Then we found out about this…

More information to come. But is sounds like we will have a new school building in a few years.

After the presentation we went to meet with Mrs. Sumsion in her room and see Mirah’s classroom.

We looked at the new classroom math books.

Check out the cool playhouse!

Cubby trays for the kids papers.


Karl is standing on Mirah’s spot on the rug. She is in the light green row.

So exciting! 

First Soccer Practice

Soccer is starting!!
It was the night of our first team practice and both Mirah and I were so excited. 

A serious one.

Printing that one. 

First order of buisness when we got to the park:

Fit like…baggy glove.

PLUS, she got her very own soccer ball!

Once that was all figured out, it was time for some drills!

Coach Thomas Richards coming over to give Mirah some instructions.

And they were off!!

We were all there, cheering here on!


These guys.

I think she had a pretty great time.

Play Dates with Buddies

This week I got to have a lady date!
I went to help and clean the temple with these lovely ladies.
Me, Kristin, and Sydney all got to do it together. It was so wonderful. 

Lucas also had a play date with Matthew.

They are both very cute.



Lucas knew how to be cute too.
He took off his pants and diaper and started to run around.

Good thing Mary was there to snap a picture for me. 

First Day of Kindergarten

Bright and early this morning this little lady was at my bedside saying-“Hello Mama!”

I freaking love this face.

In celebration of the day, Karl got up and made breakfast for us!

We were all still sleepy, but excited to be up together.

Pancakes and Bacon.

After breakfast we got ready. Mirah chose her hair and we picked her outfit for the first day when we picked it out together at the store.

What was left? Photo shoot!!!

We did her nails in the night before. She loved them.

We matched.

Spirit fingers!


First Day of school is a big day, so we all walked with Mirah to school. 

We a arrived a little early.
Klaw the Cougar the Cascade mascot was there to greet us!

They rolled out a cool little runway for the new kindergartners.

Mirah was stoked.

We met up with a friend from our ward, Mani Osborn, who is also in Mirah’s class.

Mirah even got to meet her principal, Mr. Campbell.

More kids arrived, and we got ready to go into class.

Mirah was anxious to get in there.

They turned on the music, and the kids were on into the class.

Miss Sumsion was excited to show the kids how to smile smile smile!

Flash forward a few hours later. 
Lucas wanted to walk the runway. 

We waited a few minutes, and out came the kids!

She came out and was off! Telling me all about it!

We met Karl at work.

Where the kids were happy to play!

We wanted to hear more about school, but Mirah way all over the place. 
Then she got into it. 
SO happy that school is started again. 

Lego Lady

So school was about to begin. Lucas was down for his nap. Mirah and I were both getting really excited. She had a little assignment from her teacher to finish:
She is amazing. I love her so much. 
She was so excited about learning, she wanted to keep doing things, so we pulled out the legos. 

I love this girl, she is just so smart and wonderful.